Method of Treatment


You will discover when and where the adaptation to anxiety was formed by
using current reactions and symptoms to create behavioral change.
The Program and App: HUMAN – How to Use My Anxiety Now uses a series of
worksheets that lead you through your current coping modalities for dealing with anxiety.
The self-investigation functions as basis for experimentation in daily life
by catching stress and anxiety in action.

Cumulative Stress And Anxiety

Stress accumulated over time can overload multiple systems if it persists for hours, days, weeks, months or years... Event related stress produces a quick, high level response. This was called a ‘fight or flight’ response, which in theory seems to be a problem, but in real situations resolves stress quickly through either of these behaviors.

From Frustration To Panic

The problem with prolonged stress, frustration and never-ending efforts to resolve it, is that cortisol and other hormones stay at elevated levels. Most people are adapted to stress and therefore do not keep track of the accumulated experiences.

HUMAN - Working with this method teaches you to catch stress at lower levels and step in to create resolution so that the build-up is prevented. Then you can focus on resolving larger anxiety issues with the same process.