About Dr. Denning
Dr. Sara Denning created Adaptive Behavioral Therapy as a method of treatment for anxiety, which integrates child development, behavioral neuroscience, psychophysiology, and neurobiology. Her work focuses on changing the physical and mental regulatory mechanisms used to adapt to cause-related and chronic stress.
Dr. Denning has been in private practice in New York City since 1998. She has written over fifty articles and spoken before private and corporate audiences about anxiety and stress. Dr. Denning received a doctorate in Clinical Psychology with emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Treatment from Southern California University for Professionals. She acquired a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from The New School for Social Research and is a licensed mental health counselor in New York State.
She has participated in the Anna Freud Child Development Fellowship at Yale University. Dr. Denning's training and supervision include work with Dr. Austin Silber, MD, PhD, NYU. Psychoanalytic Seminar and with Seymour Coopersmith, past president National Psychoanalytic Institute. Dr. Denning is a member of the Society for Affective Neuroscience.

Dr. Denning teaches adaptive behavioral therapy methods to private patients, organizations and to community team leaders. Dr. Denning also speaks before audiences via radio, Audio books, in hospitals, community centers, and other venues.

Private sessions are available for relief from panic disorders which may be experienced in 1 - 2 sessions. Treatment time for chronic stress averages 6- 8 months for changes in the behavioral model of response. Go to for more information.


  • Learn neurological developmental responses to stress. 
  • Gain techniques which help interrupt the behavioral process.
  • Restructure behavioral cues for healthy/chosen adaptive outcomes.
  • Build resilience to future stress through behavioral flexibility

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2013  Prepare for Stress

2015  H.U.M.A.N. How To Use My Anxiety Now

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